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Delane is an amazing yoga teacher! She combines the asanas in a beautiful flow, while focusing on the chakra system throughout the practice. She integrates healing crystals, reiki, and sound in her classes, so the body, mind, and soul can benefit from all aspects of this nurturing practice. Her classes are truly unique as they are heart-centered, grounding and restorative. You will leave feeling energized, calm and relaxed. Her lovely home provides a peaceful and serene space for her classes and workshops.   -- Nancy Cole

I've been doing yoga classes with Delane, & decided to give reiki a try (i had never done that before). I didn't really know what to expect, & was open to whatever benefits i might receive from the experience. Amazingly, my sciatic pain seemed to disappear for a while, afterwards (totally didn't see that coming!). I will definitely be doing this again with Delane! If you're looking for someone, truly in tune to their energy... Delane is the real deal.   -- Dena Rogers

 I signed up for private yoga lessons to help me become more in tune with my body and breath, hoping to clear obstacles in my mind after making the life changing decision to retire. As a Warrior of Light student I benefited from the gentle instruction and calming atmosphere that Delane provides. My experiences with yoga instruction, angelic light healing and reiki provided me with a renewed spirit and greater confidence to move forward on my new life path. 

-- Susanna Breeden

Delane is a terrific yoga teacher. My body felt so good after taking a class with her. I am a yoga teacher myself, so I know a good yoga teacher when I experience their work. She iuplifting and positive.  She is genuine. A beautiful Soul. Thank you Delane!  I hope to see you again soon.  -- Pavanpreet Amritari Kaur

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