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Cost:   $200

2023 Dates:  Sunday's (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
       (Feb. 19, Mar. 26, Apr. 30, Jul. 9, Sep. 17, Nov. 12)

Reiki Level 2 Class 

Requires a $50 deposit to register

Contact me to register

Second Degree attunements will increase the quantity of Reiki coming through and attune you to the energy of three symbols. The POWER symbol will amplify the intensity and focus of Reiki (can you say "yes please!"). The PSYCHOLOGICAL symbol can be used to connect with the subconscious to remove emotional blockages, impart an affirmation, or connect with animals. The LONG DISTANCE symbol can be used for sending Reiki anywhere in the world. As a bonus, you will learn how to enhance your Reiki sessions with crystals!

Course manual and refreshments provided.
Course overview:
• Overview of First Degree
• 2 attunements given
• 3 symbols and associated mantras
• Hands on practice
• Crystals and Reiki
• Certificate upon completion

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