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Archangelic Light Practitioner Class

Cost:  $250  

2023 Dates:  Sunday's  (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
       (Jan. 22, Mar. 12, May 21, Jul. 23, Sep. 24, Nov. 19)

Requires a $50 deposit to register

This class is the 1st of 2 levels.  Archangelic Light (AL) is high vibrational energy of the Divine or Sacred Feminine gifted to humanity from the Angelic realm. This energy heals with intention, going to the root cause to unblock emotional/mental barriers bringing to light whatever needs releasing. One often feels more spiritually connected and the energy of unconditional love. You will be able to use it for your own healing, others, pets, and the Earth. AL also enhances intuitive/psychic abilities as it opens the Third Eye Chakra. Being entrained to this energy is truly transformative!

Course manual provided

Course overview:

• What is Archangelic Light/ how it works/ history

• AL entrainment with geometric light grid

• Overview of the chakras and glands.

• Introduction to the Archangels and Divine Feminine.

• Working with intention

• Preparing sacred space

• Hand positions with hands-on practice

• Other AL healing (distance, groups, and earth)

• Certificate upon completion

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