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Biofield Tuning to Release Old Patterns

Biofield Tuning is a method of using sound and vibration to recalibrate the bodies electrical system. Resistance or noise in the biofield represent physical and emotional imbalance. Tuning forks are used to clear the blocks (often subconscious) and bring back balance and coherence to the system.

Each of the 7 weeks will include a group tuning session focusing on one particular zone of the body. Each zone has been mapped out to represent unique energetic emotional patterns where we may or may not be stuck based on individual life circumstance and ancestral patterns. Each week (or tuning) is designed to build upon the last so it is recommended to attend all sessions


Each session will give you clarity and leave you feeling more vibrant , energetic, and focused. This method has science backed research to alleviate symptoms from PTSD, stress, anxiety, insomnia, grief, depression, anger, fibromyalgia, and digestive issues.


This Session/Drop In Hybrid is sliding scale $125-175 in advance for the full 7 week session. No make-ups are provided if you must miss a class. Reserve your S P A C E in advance online for $175 .  Or, email to register with sliding scale pricing.


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