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Contact me for appts.

60 minute session $85
3 sessions for $235
5 sessions for $365
10 sessions for $680


The kanji Rei means Higher Power or Divine Wisdom.  The kanji Ki means Energy or Breath of Life. Together it is theUniversal or Spirtually Guided Life Force Energy.  Usui RyohoReiki is a high vibration energy that cleans, clears, and unblocks energy pathways to facilitate the bodies own natural healing ability.   It works on all levels (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) to release what is no longer serving you.  It has a calming affect, reducing stress and anxiety.  As the faciltator, I am the channel for the energy as the recipient draws it in where necessary.  It can be sent locally or long distance.  I recommend a local session if working with me for the first time.   Reiki can treat many different conditions and has numerous benefits.  

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