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 Group Yoga 

Vinyasa Vibrations

Experience new levels of transformation with this unique all levels vinyasa flow class with a nice balance of powerful , creative sequencing and stretch using asana and breath.   We are energetic beings made of light and vibration.  The human biofield or energy body is an informational field forming the basis of our thoughts, beliefs, and habits.  Stress, negative thought patterns, and difficult life experiences can cause distortions or blocks in the field and prevents proper energy flow.  Energy and sound will be introduced using Reiki, Archangelic Light, and tuning forks  to clear energetic pathways and restore balance on all levels mentally, emotionally , physically, and spiritually.  Align with your true self by transmuting what no longer serves and transcending into the collaborative creation of our new energetic reality.

Saturday's at 9:00AM  (taught at Sahaja Space)  

Monday's at 6:00 PM (taught at Triangle Yoga)

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